Campaign “A Human is a Human”

In October 2017 Equality has launched a campaign “A Human is a Human” to shed a light on the problem  of discrimination of Roma focusing on the severe situation they are in due to an unequal treatment they are facing because of their ethnicity.

Campaign consists of activities on social networking sites (by sharing content tagged as #čovekJEčovek) and street actions at which we raise awareness among general support about discrimination of Roma and mobilize them for concrete actions. Our campaign material was widely distributed, and our postcards are available in a number of Belgrade bookstores, caffes, and clubs. Material was all distributed to all those interested to further raise awareness of the problem.

During the campaign, we particularly celebrate November 9, International Day against Fascism, Racism, Anti-Semitism and Xenophobia and December 10, International Human Rights Day organizing street actions in downtown Belgrade. The final event of the campaign will be a concert by a Roma hip-hop band Gypsy Mafia at the end of December.

UNHCR Serbia has supported the campaign.