Serbian Visons 2017

At the Multicongress Serbian Visions that took place on November 25 and 26, Equality promoted a campaign against discrimination of Roma #čovekJEčovek.

The panel discussion “Let’s End the Discrimination of Roma” was a central part of the event and panelists were Ida Prester – a musician, pop humanitarian, Gordana Nešović –  a journalist at the Roma section of the Radio Belgrade, Milorad Popović – a president of the Roma Initiative for a Sustainable Growth and moderated by Jovana Vuković. Panelists shared their experiences from both professional and private life relating to the cases of discrimination and rights violation of Roma, as well as concrete examples when they decided to stand up, involve the public and find solutions with the involvement of various actors.

All participants agreed that a public condemnation of discrimination is a first step forward followed by a constant education, especially of young people who need to learn more about the lives of the most vulnerable citizens who are marginalized, socially excluded and unable to attain the most fundamental rights.